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Content summary from a Blogger Pro blog

Pro2sum is a PHP program that reads a Blogger Pro weblog page and returns the title and first two lines of each item, creating a convenient summary of the page contents. It is especially useful for quickly generating the raw material to create a scannable archive index page. Simply cut-and-paste the source code for the summary into your archive page to create the index. For an example, see the May-Jun 2002 archive page for the AppSwitching Diary weblog.

Pro2sum works by reading some extra tag information that you'll need to add to your blog's template, as described in the instructions for the companion program Pro2rss, which creates an RSS feed from your blog.

If you wish to adapt this code for your own use (you must have access to a server that runs PHP), you can download a copy of the code. If you do, please acknowledge Pro2sum with a link to this page. For FAQs, see the AppSwitching Diary.

Enter the URL of the page you want to summarize:
(include http:// and a final "/" or a filename)

An example summary, generated on pageload from the Loosely Coupled weblog, is shown below.

Content summary of ""...

Why SOA Software bought Blue Titan

I happened to be visiting SOA Software in Los Angeles ten days ago. You can imagine my surprise when Blue Titan's Frank ...

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Microsoft's Michael Platt on Monday presented a model of the emerging Web 2.0 architecture at the Mix 06 show in Las ...

Spark and restart

I'm at Las Vegas with Microsoft discussing the future of architecture. Actually, not with Microsoft so much as a group ...

Why Progress bought Actional

It looks like the market underrated Actional. Its technology is "vastly superior" to that of competitors, Progress ...

What should an SOA repository look like?

It's becoming clear that a repository is an essential component in a successful SOA. What's less clear is what a ...

Why Mercury bought Systinet

SOA is hot, governance is hot. When Mercury asked customers what their priorities were for SOA, "The first thing they ...


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