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Friday, March 28, 2003

Upcoming changes

Keeping an occasional diary of tips and observations about the experience of developing the Loosely Coupled website has been an interesting exercise, but it's ended up becoming rather sporadic. We're currently approaching a redesign of the Loosely Coupled site, and so as part of that we've decided to cease keeping the AppSwitching Diary as a separate weblog. The existing entries will remain online with the same permalinks, but any new material will either be added to the main Loosely Coupled weblog, or else published as separate, standalone articles.

As part of the redesign, we'll be turning this page into a more useful overview of the various articles that have appeared over the past nine months, grouping them according to various subject groups that will make it easier to find items on specific topics, such as a method for Adding external content management to Blogger Pro, instructions for Publishing comments online using Xara Modules, advice on Creating password-protected directories and How to remember all your passwords.

The new presentation format will be better suited to adding new articles, which we certainly intend to do, though on a less frequent basis than in the weblog. The most popular entries have tended to be those which give advice and instructions for specific tasks, and certainly we've accumulated quite a lot of knowledge that we could pass on. One of the enabling factors in giving up the weblog format has been the in-house development of a XML-based publishing system that we can use for publishing articles, and that's one potential topic we could cover, for example.

The RSS feed for this blog will continue to carry details of those articles, so it's worth continuing to subscribe, but new material will be infrequent, so another alternative will be subscribing to a new composite feed for the entire Loosely Coupled site, which will begin shortly. We'll post a last entry here with details of the new arrangements when they're finalized.

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Building a website using plug-in online services: the Loosely Coupled experience

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